What Lies Beneath: What Is Dredging?

When Do You Need It?

Dredging is a process that is used to remove materials from waterways and channels. This can be done for many different reasons, such as the need to maintain water depth, or if there are obstructions in the channel. Dredging can also be done preventively so that future problems will not arise. Viking Marine Construction will discuss when dredging may be necessary and what you should do about it.

The first thing that you should do when dredging is necessary, or even if you are just doing preventative maintenance, is to contact a specialist. This person will be able to analyze the site of where the work needs to be done and give an accurate estimate on how long it will take for them complete their assignment. They may also have any equipment that they need already at their disposal, which can save time in getting everything up and running right away.

Viking Marine Construction

As far as timing goes, there are certain times of year that make more sense than others for dredging projects. Obviously during winter months these types of projects would not be preferable due to cold temperatures having an impact on machinery performance. Plus ice buildup could present additional challenges upon what type of project was being undertaken.

Summer is another off-time for dredging projects, as the water levels are at their highest point during this time of year. This can make working conditions more hazardous because they will be harder to navigate on by boat or even via land if it was a project that required workers to enter into shallow waters.

Autumn and spring are perhaps the two best times for dredging, since these periods mark when water levels begin to drop again after summer months have passed. During autumn there may still be some runoff from rivers entering lakes which would cause an increase in flooding risk before winter sets in completely; thus making fall also not ideal timing either.