Top Tips to Write Content for Posts And Blogs

Other Important Aspects

You want to create content for your blog, but you’re not sure where to start. You could be looking for a way to take the pressure off of yourself or just wanting more information about how it all works. Well, I’m here with 12 tips from that will help you write great content and publish it in no time. These are tried-and-true methods that I’ve used myself when writing posts on my own blog!

The first thing you need to do is get a pen and paper. The best way to come up with great ideas for your blog posts is by brainstorming. Don’t stop yourself from thinking of ridiculous topics or writing down things that don’t make sense at all—if you write it down, there’s no deleting it later!


If the next step involves using an app on your phone, download one right now so that you’re prepared when we get there. I recommend Google Docs because anyone can access anything within the document through their own personal account, making editing much easier than if everyone had just been working in Microsoft Word together. You’ll also want some sort of notepad where you can jot notes while away from your computer (I use Evernote).

This step may seem like it’s not important, but I promise you—it is! Before writing anything at all, ask yourself these five questions: what will my post be about? What is the purpose of this blog post? Who am I trying to reach with this content? Why are they reading my posts? How can I keep them engaged in what I’m saying without boring them to death?! Once you’ve answered each question, your topic/purpose/audience should become much clearer. If you’re still struggling with finding where to start or creating a plan for your blog post (which could help prevent writer’s block), check out some amazing resources on how to get started and beat that block below!