Can I Extend My Kitchen With An Orangery?

Pros and Cons of Adding an Orangery

Should I Extend my Kitchen, Add a Sunroom or Both?

The question of whether you should extend your kitchen with an orangery, add a sunroom to your home, or do both can be answered in many different ways. If there is not enough space for two rooms in the back of the house then adding an orangery would be the best option. However, if there is room to build on that side then it may make sense to combine an extension and sunroom into one project. Let’s discuss about pros and cons of adding an Orangery: Can I Extend my Kitchen with an Orangery?

Can I Extend My Kitchen With An Orangery

The first thing that people often think about when they consider adding a sunroom to their home is the comfort it will provide. They envision themselves relaxing in a space that has been designed with comforts in mind, such as a fireplace or even an outdoor television so they can watch sports games from within the warmth of their new room. While this may be true for some people who add these rooms onto their homes, there are also things to consider before making your decision.

For example, one drawback of having anything made out of glass on your property is that you need to keep it clean all year round and worry about how much heat is getting into the house through them. This means if you have pets then you will need to make sure they do not jump up onto the glass or scratch it, which is especially important for cats. Orangery owners also have to be careful about the furniture they place in their new rooms because a hot day can make anything made from fabric quite uncomfortable until you get used to it.

If you want more space inside your house but do not feel that spending money on something like a sunroom would benefit your home enough then there are other options available as well. One thing that people often choose instead of these rooms is extending out into the garden itself with things like conservatories .