Five Wonderful Products Made of Quartz Glass

The use of Quartz Glass in Products

Quartz glass is a type of glass that has been engineered to provide the highest clarity and thermal resistance. The properties of quartz make it an excellent material for products such as countertops, sinks, shower doors, windows and more. Quartz glass can be made in any color imaginable so you can find what best suits your needs!

Currently, quartz glass is considered a luxury product. However as more people move away from traditional materials such as granite and marble to discover the benefits of glass surfaces it will continue to become more popular in the home design industry.

Quartz Glass

Quartz countertops are made of pure natural amorphous silica fibers that have been heated up into crystal form at extremely high temperatures. Not only does this make quartz glass incredibly durable but also allows for unlimited color options! Their resistance to heat makes them perfect for kitchen use because you can put hot things directly on top without worrying about any damage occurring. This material is so strong it can even withstand being scratched by metal – which means no knife marks if accidentally dropped onto your new surface.

Quartz is a good option for those who want to be able to easily clean up stains and spills. The surface can simply be wiped down with soap and water, or you can use glass cleaner if needed – you will find that the dirt just washes right off! This material has been known as being very sanitary because it doesn’t retain any bacteria like porous materials such as stone do which means less germs in your home! Quartz countertops are also incredibly resistant against heat so they won’t warp even when placed directly onto an open flame on your stovetop. When paired with a sink made of quartz glass these kitchen appliances create a perfect place where you don’t have to worry about food getting trapped between gaps in the countertop and sink – a huge benefit for those who struggle to keep their kitchens clean.